Research Assistance Service




Research Assistance Service

 Reference and Research Assistance Service is dedicated to assist faculty and students of LIBA for their information and research.

Dedicated library professional staff are available between 7.30 a.m. and 10.00 p.m. The staff assists the users in addressing their information requirements. The requirements may include help in identifying the appropriate database for research assignments or classwork, customized orientation of specific databases, mining data, case studies, etc.

The services provided include 

  • An article/book 
  • Assistance on using library databases
  • Company information and financial data
  • Industry information 
  • Market reports
  • Case studies for classroom discussion


In addition users can contact the circulation counter for information or assistance.

Research Support Tools


  •  ProQuest – One of our most heavily used databases – covers journal articles, company profiles, industry surveys, market research reports. The best place to start most searches.
  •  Ebrary – World’s best e-book platform , access to over 15000 e-books
  •  Harvard Business Review Online- with archives since inception
  •  ClaOnline Corporate Law Advisor Online Library on Corporate , SEBI and Business Laws
  •  Sage Journals - We also have subscription to few best journals from Sage. which has complimentary access back to 1999 till date. (16 Nos)
  •  NDL (National Digital Library) of India Sponsored by MHRD and coordinated by IIT Kharagpur
  • from Mulgrave, Australia
  • OPAC ( on-line public access catalogue)
  • Kindle e-readers ( 5 Nos)


Intranet Databases by CMIE ( Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy)

  • Prowess - database of the financial data of 35000 Indian companies.
  • Industry Outlook a powerful package which represents reliable, regular and comprehensive analysis of a wide range of sectors of Indian Industry. This service covers around 200 industries